Back-To-School Expo

The organization has hosted the Back-To-School Expo every summer since 1994. The goal of the event is to distribute school supplies and other educational, motivational or health related services to inner-city children grade K-12. These events have been a tremendous success due to the support of volunteers, grants and corporate donations. Approximately 30,000 students have been serviced since this event began.

Collegiate 100

The Collegiate 100 of Baton Rouge is an auxiliary organization to 100 Black Men of Metro Baton Rouge. The Collegiate 100 membership is drawn primarily from African-American male college students through chapters on university campuses.

The purpose of the Collegiate 100 is to implement the mentoring and tutoring programs of the 100 Black Men. The participants will assist the parent organization with the development of the social, emotional, educational, and physical needs of young Black males who have few or no positive role models in the communities in which they live.

Anti-Violence Billboard Campaign

Our collaborative effort with Lamar Advertising Company. Thirty billboards are strategically placed throughout the city to impress upon the public the senseless and tragic results of violence in our communities. Images for the boards are selected from entries submitted by local art students during an annual contest. 100 Black Men of Metro Baton Rouge has been spreading the anti-violence message with billboards since 1995.

Academic Achievement Program

Recognizing the importance of highlighting the accomplishments of area youth, 100 Black Men of Metro Baton Rouge initiated the Academic Achievement program. The Academic Achievement program is designed to showcase and promote academic achievement and advancements in local high school students. Each month, 8 students will be highlighted in the local media by way of TV morning shows, as well as, some radio air time. These individuals are also treated to a lunch outing. Students are required to have a 3.5 GPA or must have significantly improved their academic performance in order to qualify. One of the goals is to make students feel good about making good grades.

Project Excel Mentoring Program

Project Excel is our “flagship” project. This program focuses on mentoring African-American males beginning in middle school and requires enrollment of the student and a signed commitment from his parents or guardians.


Members serve as motivational speakers for I.M.P.A.C.T.'s graduation which is held each month. The program is a rigorous multi-faceted program emphasizing discipline, education, and substance abuse counseling; all within a military model. This program is administered at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center in Gabriel, Louisiana.

I.M.P.A.C.T. stands for LA Intensive Motivational Program for Alternative Correctional Treatment.