ACT Prep pushes brothers to excellence


Ibrahim Appleton and younger brother Malik are talented musicians and athletes at Baton Rouge Magnet High School. Ibrahim’s dedication and commitment to being an excellent performer is noticeable every time he picks up his viola to perform. This dedication recently placed him center stage with the Louisiana All-State Orchestra.


With the same tenacity, Malik Appleton sprints through state track competitions. It is not uncommon that these brothers would want to excel--even master--the ACT. To help them do so, their parents Kevin and Sokho Appleton,registered them for the 100’s ACT Prep six-week workshop.“My sons said it helped them learn basic things for grammar, English and writing skills. They ended up with significantly better scores than they had before,” says Kevin. Ibrahim, who is a graduating senior, scored a 32 on the ACT, raising his composite score by seven points. Malik, who is a sophomore, scored a 29 composite and a made a near-perfect 34 on the English section.

As a result, the sophomore has caught the eye of recruiters from some of the nation’s top and most prestigious performing universities. “A lot of that is due to their excellent performance on the test,” says Mr. Appleton. The ACT Prep Academy is a preparatory course on test-taking skills and strategies. With an expectation to raise participants scores by two or three points, The 100 has consistently seen students like the Appletons exceed that goal. Helping students improve their ACT test scores will also enable them to receive free tuition through the Louisiana Tuition Opportunity Program and meet ACT requirements for university admission.  Read more in this issue of 100 IMPACTS.

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Your commitment to The 100 this quarter has strengthened the four pillars of our organization. Your time and effort speak directly to our creed, which, in my own words are: “to be a man, you need to see a man”. As The 100, we collectively stand as the “man” for every boy in our community to see and to ultimately become. You serve as a beacon of light not only for young boys to see but all young people in our community as well as their families. For taking on this charge, I salute you. As we continue these efforts let us celebrate the steps we have taken and be steadfast in spreading these impacts throughout Baton Rouge metropolitan and urban communities.



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The 100 Black Men of Metro Baton Rouge, LTD. is a non-profit organization through which African-American males step forward and assume roles of community leadership, responsibility and guidance. The organization serves as a catalyst to empower African-Americans to individually and collectively reach their full potential by maximizing the resources that foster and enhance achievement in education and economic and community development. Our Mission is to give substance to a shared vision which fosters and develops model programs that build community by enhancing lives of our African-American youth.